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Representation in Malta
News article16 June 2022Representation in Malta2 min read

LGBTIQ Equality Strategy 2020-2025 and the Strategy on the rights of persons with disabilities 2021-2030.


Today, Commissioner Dalli met with Corinne Cahen, Luxembourg’s Minister for Family Affairs and Integration and for the Greater Region. They discussed LGBTIQ Equality Strategy 2020-2025 and the Strategy on the rights of persons with disabilities 2021-2030

Commissioner Dalli said, I thank Luxembourg for its resolve to advance LGBTIQ equality and equality for persons with disabilities. Equality requires everyone to be on board. The recent LGBTIQ Guidelines were prepared and endorsed by member states experts, in co-operation and consultation with civil society, Fundamental Rights Agency, OECD and Council of Europe. They are a milestone in the protection of the rights of LGBTIQ people in the EU and beyond. Upcoming initiatives under the EU Disability Strategy including AccessibleEU; the European Disability Card; and the Disability Employment Package will also require strong partnership between the EU, Member states and civil society.”

At the Employment and Social Policy Council (EPSCO) meeting, Commissioner Dalli thanked Ministers and in particular the French Presidency for their cooperation to reach the political agreement on the Gender Balance on Corporate Boards directive. Commissioner Dalli also urged for fast progress on the Directive on Pay transparency, building on Council and European Parliament Common positions, to ensure that women and men in the EU get equal pay for equal work. Another priority for Commissioner Dalli during the months ahead is the proposal for an Equal Treatment Directive, for which the Commissioner also urged for a constructive approach and support to see a swift adoption of the Directive. 

Commissioner Dalli said, Improving gender balance on corporate boards marks a beginning of a new chapter in equal leadership in the European Union. Talent and skills have no gender; and women’s leadership skills and vision matter. We needed legislation to drive change to equality. Now we need to make swift progress on the Pay Transparency Directive: the principle of equal pay was introduced more than 60 years ago. It is high time to tackle gender bias and discrimination between female and male workers doing the same or comparable jobs.”

Commissioner Dalli gave an update on the Implementation of the LGBTIQ Equality Strategy and congratulated the Member States for the adoption of the Guidelines for Strategies and Action Plans to Enhance LGBTIQ Equality in April. Finally, the Commissioner spoke in the orientation debate on the Employment situation of persons with disabilities. One key aspect the Commissioner highlighted was the Commission’s commitment to present a Disability Employment Package in 2022, as one of seven flagship initiatives outlined in the Strategy for the Rights of Persons with disabilities. 

The full press conference can be viewed on EbS.


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16 June 2022
Representation in Malta