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News article5 May 2022Representation in Malta1 min read

Eurobarometer: Europeans approve EU's response to the war in Ukraine

Europe 2022

A Flash Eurobarometer survey in all EU Member States published today shows large consensus among EU citizens in favour of the EU's response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 

The majority of Europeans think that since the war started, the EU has shown solidarity (79%) and has been united (63%) and fast (58%) in its reaction.

Respondents are widely in favour of the unwavering support to Ukraine and its people. In particular, more than nine out of ten respondents (93%) approve providing humanitarian support to the people affected by the war. 88% of Europeans approve the idea of welcoming in the EU people fleeing the war. 80% approve the financial support provided to Ukraine. 66% agree that ‘Ukraine should join the EU when it is ready', 71% believe that Ukraine is part of the European family and 89% feel sympathy towards Ukrainians.

Support for the sanctions imposed on Russia following its military attack against Ukraine is also very high. The vast majority of Europeans (80%) approve the economic sanctions against Russia. 79% of Europeans approve sanctions against Russian oligarchs to impose clear economic and political costs on Russia's political elite responsible for the invasion.

Two thirds of Europeans (67%) approve that the EU finances the purchase and supply of military equipment to Ukraine. In addition, 75% consider that the war in Ukraine shows ‘we need greater military cooperation within the EU'.

The survey also shows broad support for the EU's actions in the field of energy aiming at getting rid of dependency on Russian fossil fuels. There is a large consensus on filling up gas storage in the EU to avoid risks of shortage for next winter (86%), on the EU taking measures to increase energy efficiency of buildings, transport and goods (85%), and on the fact that the war in Ukraine makes it more urgent to invest in renewable energies (84%). 90% of Europeans agree measures should be taken at the European level to limit the impact of rising energy prices on consumers and companies. 86% of European respondents say that rising energy prices have a significant impact on their purchasing power.



This Flash Eurobarometer survey was conducted in the 27 Member States between 13 and 20 April 2022. 26,066 EU citizens have been interviewed online.


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5 May 2022
Representation in Malta