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Representation in Malta
News article16 November 2021Representation in Malta1 min read

The Conference on the Future of Europe

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On 5-7 November, about 200 randomly selected EU citizens from all across the Member States met for the second time online to discuss a stronger economy, social justice, jobs/education, culture, youth, sport/digital transformation. They discussed the future of our economy and jobs, especially in view of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, equality before the law, rights and fairness, digital education and cyber security, amongst other things. They are going to prepare recommendations in each of the five streams they have identified: working in Europe, an economy for the future, a just society, learning in Europe and an ethical and safe digital transformation.


On 12-14 November, the second European Citizens’ Panel will meet online for the second time to discuss, in particular, how to strengthenrights and non-discrimination, protect democracy and rule of law, reform the EU, build European identity and strengthen citizens’ participation. Follow live the plenaries on the Multilingual Digital Platform. All Europeans can get involved and share their ideas on how to shape our shared future on the Multilingual Digital Platform. Find out more about the process and the timeline of the Conference.


Publication date
16 November 2021
Representation in Malta