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Representation in Malta
News article4 June 2022Representation in Malta2 min read

Commissioner Dalli meets the Wrocław Women’s and Equality Councils

Helena Dalli

Commissioner Dalli met with the Wrocław Women’s and Equality Councils at Wrocław Town Hall to discuss how local authorities and the EU can collaborate towards achieving equality for all.

Commissioner Dalli then opened the panel discussion “Is the idea of equal opportunities in the EU still alive?” at the S&D Conference on ‘A Europe of Equal Opportunities’, organised within the framework of the Conference on the Future of Europe. The Commissioner set out equality priorities for the coming months. This autumn, the Commission will put forward a European Care Strategy with the aim of ensuring Member States provide affordable, accessible, and high-quality childcare. The Commissioner outlined how the European Commission is working with EU countries to implement the EU LGBTIQ Strategy, and called upon the EU countries to come with their national action plans. Commissioner Dalli also congratulated the Polish citizens, civil society organisations and local authorities on their response to welcoming and supporting Ukrainians arriving to Europe. She reminded about how women, children and others exposed to sexual violence, rape, or trafficking must have adequate social and medical support.

Commissioner Dalli said, “The Future of Europe must be one where the Union of Equality is implemented horizontally for everyone without exception - gender equality, racial equality, Roma equality, LGBTIQ equality, and equality for persons with disabilities. Europe must be a place where all people in all their diversity can be free, thrive, and lead fulfilling lives. Structures for equality protection are even more important than ever due to the extra vulnerabilities caused by the war.”

The Commissioner then participated in the Pride Equality March in Zielona Góra, which had a special theme of solidarity with Ukraine. Commissioner Dalli talked about how safe houses for LGBTIQ people at the borders are being funded through the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values funding programme. She explained how training about harmful stereotypes will be given to protection officers and interpreters at the European Asylum Support. The Commissioner then officially unveiled the new city centre square painted with the rainbow flag.

Commissioner Dalli said, “Europe must be a place where everyone can be themselves and live free from discrimination and violence. The Russian aggression against Ukraine and the LGBTIQ people who have become victims of the war is a stark example that we need to act now and do more to ensure that their fundamental human rights are respected both within the EU and its borders. Today is a day to celebrate freedom but also to send strength to all victims and work together for the end of the war.


Publication date
4 June 2022
Representation in Malta