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Representation in Malta
News article15 December 2023Representation in Malta1 min read

Standard Eurobarometer 100 – Autumn 2023 – Public Opinion in the European Union - Malta

Visit of Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, to Malta

The national report outlines the main findings of Wave 100 of the Standard Eurobarometer. Fieldwork was conducted from the 23rd October 2023 to 11th November 2023. A total of 504 interviews were conducted with respondents residing in Malta, aged 15 years and over.

During 2023, the Maltese economy continued to grow but at a reduced rate. The economic environment was characterised by high inflation and increasing prices. This has tended to generate a negative sentiment which is likely to have had an impact on the results of the survey. A negative sentiment may have also been generated by a number of challenges related to aspects such as the environment, building development and public procurement. 

The report covers a number of topics, namely perceptions on the respondents’ own personal situation, the economic situation of the country and of the European Union; the policies of the European Union; immigration; trust in the institutions; and the media and sources of news. It also includes the opinions of Maltese respondents on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the EU and Malta’s response to it.

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Publication date
15 December 2023
Representation in Malta