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Representation in Malta

Problems or complaints?

At the National Level

Contacts of Maltese and EU-level authorities and networks for EU residents, companies and organisations to make complaints or report problems. As a citizen or permanent resident of an EU country, you have rights if you live, work or do business in other EU countries. If you have a problem or complaint on any of these rights, the best place to start in many cases is at the national level in the country of the concerned service, government administration or business.

Valletta in Malta
Examines complaints from people who feel they have been unfairly treated by a public service provider, including government departments, local authorities, nursing homes and publicly funded third level education bodies.

At the EU Level

Although you will normally be able to better enforce your rights in your country of residence, the European Union also offers resources that may be able to help you, particularly if it relates to an issue with an EU institution.

Europe Day 2021 celebration in Brussels
An independent and impartial body, which holds the EU’s institutions and agencies to account, by investigating complaints from people, businesses and organisations.
Visit to the EC of the organisers of the first European Citizens' Initiative 'Right2Water'
Individuals or groups of EU residents, and organisations headquartered in the EU can submit a complaint, request or observation to the European Parliament related to the application of EU law.
The Europe Direct Information Service in Brussels
The Commission can take up a complaint if it concerns a breach of EU law by authorities in an EU country. If a complaint is about the action of an individual or private company, it should be dealt with at the national level.
The Europe Direct Information Service in Brussels
Contact information and how to submit complaints for issues related to unfair competition, unfair government support for competitors or issues with public authorities in other EU countries.