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Representation in Malta

Strategy and priorities

BeBe Vio, Paralympic Games Gold medallist in the European Parliament during the State of the Union Address (SOTEU)

The von der Leyen Commission has set 6 priorities for Europe's future: working towards climate neutrality, digital transformation, a stronger EU, a new push for European democracy, an economy that works for people and strengthening of the EU's core values.

Symbolic - Savings

The EU budget is complementary to Malta’s national budget and comes into play when it is more effective to spend money at the EU level than at the local, regional or national level. In 2019, Malta contributed €123 million of the total EU revenue of €165 billion.

Aerial views of European Union Capitals - Valletta, Malta

A selection of stories highlighting just some of the many ways Malta benefits from EU membership

Kohesio: discover EU projects in your region
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