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Representation in Malta
News article15 July 2022Representation in Malta1 min read

Single European Sky: Commission decides to refer Greece, Malta and Slovakia to the Court for failure to comply with EU rules on the provision of data link services


The Commission today decided to refer GreeceMalta and Slovakia to the Court of Justice of the European Union for failing to provide and operate data link services for all operators of appropriately equipped aircraft flying within the airspace under their responsibility.

The deadline for the air traffic service providers to operate data link services has expired and a lack of equipment in certain control centres is effectively preventing aircraft operators, which were also required to equip themselves with the technology, from using data link services. The Commission opened infringement proceedings in May 2020 and sent reasoned opinions in July 2021. Since those Member States remain in breach of the Regulation, the Commission has now decided to refer the cases to the Court.  


Data link systems are used to send information between aircraft and air traffic controllers and are complementary to the traditional voice communications used between the cockpit and air traffic control centres. Deploying this interoperable technology in Europe is essential to improve the efficiency of communications between pilots and controllers, thereby increasing air traffic control capacity and security. Each Member State is required by Implementing Regulation (EC) 29/2009, in conjunction with Article 4(3) TEU, to take measures so that air traffic service providers are able to provide and operate such data link services.

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Publication date
15 July 2022
Representation in Malta