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Representation in Malta
News article29 April 20212 min read

Eurobarometer 94 - National Report for Malta

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Further to the publication of the first results of the Standard Eurobarometer survey of winter 2020-2021 (EB94), the European Commission Representation in Malta is pleased to publish the EB94 National Report for Malta. The national report outlines the main findings of Wave 94 of the Standard Eurobarometer Fieldwork that was conducted from the 12th February 2021 to 10th March 2021. A total of 535 interviews were conducted with respondents residing in Malta, aged 15 years and over.

The report covers a number of topics, namely perceptions on the respondents’ own personal situation, Malta and its economic situation, and the European Union; the policies of the European Union; the coronavirus pandemic; trust in institutions; and media and sources of news.


Key findings

This wave of the Eurobarometer has shown once more that respondents in Malta are likely to have more positive perceptions about the EU than other countries. In a trend that is visible across the EU, the positive image that is conjured by the European Union has increased by 25% amongst Maltese respondents, the highest increase registered amongst the 27 Member States. The positive perception is compounded by the replies to various questions, such as current situation of the EU economy, whether things are going in the right direction, European values and elements that most create a feeling of community among EU citizens. It is worth highlighting that the perceptions on the EU of persons aged under 40 years are generally more positive than of those who are over 40 years of age.

Furthermore 71% of respondents agree that the future of Malta is seen to be within the EU and 81% of respondents in Malta feel themselves to be a citizen of the European Union, compared to 74% for the EU as a whole.


The coronavirus pandemic is considered to have impacted the EB94 considerably, both in Malta and across the European Union. This wave of the Eurobarometer focused specifically on the effect of the pandemic, particularly the respondents’ opinions about a range of issues, including government’s handling of the pandemic, its bearing on the economy and vaccination. Maltese respondents are generally positive about the way that the pandemic was handled both at the national level (MT 53% - EU average 43%) and with the way the EU handled the pandemic (MT 55% - EU average 43%). While 68% of Maltese respondents (EU average 70%) agree that the vaccine is the only way to end the pandemic, 87% (EU average 69%) feel that the European Union is playing a key role in ensuring that there is access to the vaccines in Malta.

The National Report also provides an analysis of the trust which the Maltese respondents have in national and international institutions and in different types of media. For the first time the EB94 asked a question regarding trust in health and medical staff, who are by far the most trusted both in Malta and the European Union.

The full report can be found at:

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Publication date
29 April 2021