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News article19 December 2022Representation in Malta1 min read

Energy: Europeans show continued support for the EU's response to the energy crisis

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A new Eurobarometer survey released today shows that the large majority of EU citizens are positive about recent EU actions to tackle the energy crisis. In particular, More than 8 in ten EU citizens (82%) agree that the EU should continue to take actions to reduce its dependency on Russian fossil fuels. An overwhelming majority of respondents (83%) think that Russia's war against Ukraine makes it more urgent to invest in renewable energy. 87% of them believe that it is crucial to protect critical infrastructure such as pipelines and internet cables, while 83% also agree that the price of electricity should not depend on the price of gas.

Respondents massively say (85%) that rising energy prices have had an impact on their purchasing power. 56% agree that recent price increases are mainly due to Russia's aggressive behaviour and 38% disagree.

49% of respondents think that measures taken by the EU to improve the economic situation will have a positive impact, 18% that they will have a negative impact and 22% that they will have no impact.

Respondents themselves have already taken action or would be ready to do so in order to cut down on their energy consumption and energy bills, notably turning off lights when they leave a room for a while (77%,[1]), unplugging electronic appliances when not in use (62%) and reducing room temperature (58%).

Measures taken by the EU as a response to Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine continue to get a robust support among citizens. European citizens massively approve the provision of humanitarian support (88%), followed by welcoming people fleeing the war (82%). Seven out of ten respondents approve economic sanctions against the Russian government, companies and individuals (71%) as well as financial support to Ukraine (70%). A majority of citizens also approve banning state-owned Russian media (63%) and financing the purchase and supply of military equipment to Ukraine (59%).


The Flash Eurobarometer “EU's response to the energy crisis” was conducted in the 27 Member States between 23 and 30 November 2022.

26,337 citizens have been interviewed online.

[1] (EB FLASH 506 “EU's response to the war in Ukraine”, April 2022)


Publication date
19 December 2022
Representation in Malta