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Representation in Malta
News article24 April 2023Representation in Malta1 min read

Commissioner Dalli in Malta


European Commissioner for Equality Helena Dalli was in Malta to participate in the Conference to present the findings of: ‘Safety in Childhood: A Prevalence Study of Childhood Abuse Experiences in Malta’ organised by the Maltese Commission on Gender-Based Violence & Domestic Violence.

Addressing the conference in her opening keynote speech, she said:  “Domestic violence against children is a topic that is understudied. The crucial work of academics and researchers sheds light and helps us ensure that children are protected from physical and mental abuse. Through the newly created EU Children’s Participation Platform, we are doing the same work by putting every child at the centre of our actions and calculating the right choices to keep them safe. This ranges from child-friendly reporting and procedures to shelters also equipped to the specific needs of children”.

Discussing equality mainstreaming with the Social Affairs Committee, Commissioner Dalli placed emphasis on the portfolio initiatives that she launched to achieve a true Union of Equality, where equality and human rights are inextricable and collective commitments are crucial. She stated that: “The European project is a work in progress. We have come a long way, but we need to continue working to break down barriers and foster openness. We are building the society of tomorrow, where all talents are fostered and appreciated. I thank the Social affairs committee for its invitation. Only by joining forces, and sharing expertise and best practices, can we achieve a “Union of Equality”. This can equip us, in all our diversity, to take part in society on an equal basis and ensure that we can lead, thrive, and be free”.


Publication date
24 April 2023
Representation in Malta