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Representation in Malta

Being a part of the European Union has helped improve almost every aspect of Maltese life, from how we work, travel and shop to the quality of our environment, our opportunities for learning and the way our businesses buy and sell goods and services.

This unique political and economic alliance is also the most successful peace project in history, but despite its many successes the European Union has been the subject of myths that sometimes cause concern.

However, these myths are easily debunked when you have the facts, so let’s discover the truth about your European Union.

A year ago, in late March of 2022, Russian armed forces had lost the battle for Kyiv, which started with an air assault in the early hours of 24 February. Brave Ukrainian resistance forced Russian troops to withdraw from the town of Bucha as part of a broader retreat from the capital(opens in a new...
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A year ago Russia launched an unprovoked war of aggression against its peaceful neighbour Ukraine, showing the world the true face of the Kremlin’s imperial ambitions. Today, Ukraine is still fighting, still resilient, and still determined to prevail over Russian aggression.
The European Digital Media Observatory brings together fact-checkers and academic researchers with expertise in the field of online disinformation, and open to collaboration with media organisations and media literacy practitioners.
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The strengthened Code of Practice on Disinformation has been signed and presented on the 16 June 2022 by 34 signatories who have joined the revision process of the 2018 Code.
EUvsDisinfo’s core objective is to increase public awareness and understanding of the Kremlin’s disinformation operations, and to help citizens in Europe and beyond develop resistance to digital information and media manipulation.
Disinformation on the coronavirus is thriving. It is important that you get updated information from authoritative sources only.
EU Budget
Some little-known facts about the size of the EU budget, how the money is spent to help European citizens' lives, and how you can benefit from it.
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The flagship project of the European External Action Service’s East StratCom Task Force